Mistress Isadora

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About me I am a classic dominatrix. An alluring and deviant purveyor of bespoke BDSM and fetish experiences. I enjoy inflicting both physical and mental anguish with a penchant for the perverted. I have an extensive wardrobe collection including latex, leather, catsuits, exquisite lingerie and stockings, boots, heels, pencil skirts, corsets and gloves. Below is a VERY short list of activites I enjoy and excel at: *CBT/CBB-Creativity and cruelty are key. *Foot/Shoe fetish *Bondage- All of it *Humiliation*Electro Play*Punishment*Sensory Overload/Deprivation*Cross Dressing*Power Exchange*Medical Play*Psychodrama*Slave Training*Protocol* I take sessions in my private, exclusive studio. I have a plethora of gear for me to do whatever my perverse heart desires. To inquire about being granted an audience, send me an email with your interests, hard limits and level of experience. Include a few date and time options. Be as articulate as possible.
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